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Pipat Cat Kosumlaksamee

Photographer / 摄影师 Born and raised in Bangkok. He has won several awards and has been involved in diving for over 25 years. His work is the result of diving journey to exotic locations which takes him to many exciting places around the world. He strives to capture the underwater realm in a way that will help create an awareness of the fragile marine environment…. thus began a love affair with photography. From 2015-2017 he became one of the judges of UWMP and Underwater competition events in Bangkok. Pipat在曼谷出生长大,获得了多项奖项,并已潜水超过25年。因为工作的关系,他可以到各个充满异国情调之处潜水旅游,并造访世界上许多令人兴奋的地方。他努力补捉水下世界的美,希冀提升保护脆弱海洋的环境意识,因此开始了与摄影的恋情。从2015年至2017年,他成为曼谷UWMP和水下比赛的评委之一。
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